This week we received a heart warming testimonial from a local customer here on the Isle of Man…

I am a customer of Osbourne Antiques owned by Will Rand.

My first purchase was in 2013 and was an Edwardian bookcase made by Druce & Co of London which fitted in very well with the existing furniture in the study. I found Will very helpful in advising me on this purchase and giving value for money.

My family as a result of this first purchase asked him for help in finding a suitable larger bookcase for our period home. Will suggested a period piece, which we liked, and fitted in proportionately with the existing furniture and this was purchased in 2014.

Will is also very knowledgeable on Manx paintings and watercolours and I subsequently purchased an E C Quayle painting from Osbourne Antiques.

I have also received help and advice from Will in selecting trained and reliable restorers in repairing antique furniture and arranging for transport to and from the Isle of Man to facilitate this.

As a result of these experiences I can fully recommend Will Rand and Osbourne Antiques for friendly, knowledgable, honest and value for money goods and services.

Mr. H. Griffiths, Ballaugh